Formerly known as Android Pay, Google Pay is a payment method that has seen increasing popularity with over 25 million regular users. 

A digital wallet or a mobile app, Google Pay can be used to make payments in-app, online or physically in stores.

But how does Google Pay work and is it a secure payment method?

Find out in this blog post!

How does it work?

For in-person payments, you can load your cards on Google Pay and you’re ready to proceed.

The app works with Near Field Communication (NFC) technology, which is the same technology that’s used for contactless payments.

While you won’t be able to transfer funds between friends and family, unless you’re in the US, other Google Pay functionalities that you can take advantage of include storing coupons, boarding passes, event tickets and more.

Is Google Pay secure?

A short answer to the question “is Google Pay secure?” is yes. Why?

One reason is because Google keeps all payment information on secure servers.

What’s more is that your full card details are never stored on your phone or shared with merchants when you use this payment method.

Merchants are only provided with your Virtual Account Number, but not your card details, which are different. 
Furthermore, Google Pay makes use of confirmations in the app which can help you detect suspicious activities sooner.

This confirmation contains information about where the transaction occurred, at which merchant it took place as well as the amount of the payment.

What happens if you misplace your phone?

It happens to the best of us. We may misplace and lose our phones and this ultimately leads to the question of what the person who finds your phone can do with your money on Google Pay.

While this is a good question, Google Pay has thought of this ahead.

If you misplace your phone, you can use the Android Device Manager, which will help you either lock your device so no one else can use it, or you can perform a remote factory reset to stop and prevent any Google Pay transactions from being processed.

Where is Google Pay accepted?

There is an increasing number of merchants who accept Google Pay in-store.

If you’re shopping online, you can also easily and conveniently use your Google Pay app to make payments, and the same is true for payments in-app in the Google Play Store.

With the increasing adoption of digital wallets, it’s no surprise that more and more merchants are offering this method of payment acceptance.


While nothing in this world is 100% foolproof, the folks at Google have tried very hard to ensure that your safety and security with your money is top of mind.

This is why Google Pay is a safe method of making payments – online or in-person.

It’s also an increasingly convenient payment method as you don’t need to fumble for your card in your wallet or purse.