It happens every year. Just when you think it’s started, it’s almost gone already.

Yes, the holiday season is fast approaching. You may have heard carols in shopping malls and seen the decorations everywhere.

In fact, as a business owner, you might have started putting up the holiday decor already. But are you prepared for the holiday season business-wise?

In this blog post, we’ll share some business tips and tricks to help you with the upcoming holiday season.

1. Organise yourself before the holidays start

Organisation is key before the holiday season kicks in. This could range from changing vendors to updating your website.

In addition, are you prepared with enough staff to cover the busy days? Is there a plan in place for employee scheduling?

Also check that your invoices aren’t piling up and that you sort out bills before they start accumulating.

It’s important to stay current and on top of things as the holiday season waits for no one.

Prepare your inventory

Keep in mind that suppliers and vendors will experience the same pre-holiday stress as you as they’re asked to provide the right quantities of products on time.

It’s a good idea to be proactive and to stock up on goods for your regular shoppers as well as last-minute shoppers so that you aren’t left stranded with less stock than you ordered.

2. Create a marketing strategy for the holidays

Your marketing strategy for the holidays should include several bits of information.

  • What are you offering?
  • Is there a sale?
  • How long will it run for?
  • Is free shipping included?

By giving your customers this information in easily digestible chunks, they’re more likely to come back to you rather than head over to the competition.

3. Enhance your online offering

Online shopping accounts for millions in sales every year. 

That’s why having a website that’s user-friendly and updated will go a long way.

Have a clean page that showcases your promotions and make sure that all the nitty gritty like shipping is taken care of.

4. Current and past cash flow analysis

Doing your cash flow analysis for your busiest and least busy days will be of great benefit to your business as you can make some projections based on the past year’s results.

Also keep in mind that January is usually a slower month and you should be able to compensate your holiday sales for those of the coming month.

5. Improve holiday security

Among all the excitement that comes with the holidays, remember that fraudsters don’t take holidays and are looking for unsuspecting customers to take advantage of. 

Make sure your Wi-Fi system is secure so that they can’t access information stored on clouds or gain access to your POS systems.

Also consider including an Address Verification Service in your payment offering where the customer’s personal data is verified.

These are some of the steps that will help you prevent holiday fraud.


While the holiday season is just around the corner, you can prepare for it in advance and save yourself the hassle of any unexpected surprises.

From getting your inventory right to having a simple and clear marketing campaign, always remember to stay secure.